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The Good, The Bad, The Pizza

12 Jul

I’m not going to hold back on my review of Hearth and Harvest Pizza in Saratoga Springs, NY. Because, at the same time,  it’s so good…and so bad.

But I’m the first to admit that while I kvetch while we’re there, I always want to go back for one reason only: THE PIZZA IS DELICIOUS!

Hearth and Harvest starts with simple, organic, (sometimes) local ingredients. Check it out yourself by reviewing their menu.  We usually order the Mammie’s Poppy salad (overpriced and the lettuce is past-it’s-prime) and the basic Hearth House pizza.

Here’s the wood-fired pizza oven which is a key reason this pizza is so delicious. The crust is perfection!

Isn’t this beautiful?

So while I complain about the wait time (ridiculous for a pizza that cooks in minutes), the service (knock, knock, hellllllooooooooo), the furniture (chintzy), the water (fish, fish, fish taste), and the lack of appetizers (none!), look at how happy I am. Did I say that I love this pizza?

My friends over at the Saratoga Seen blog have had a mixed bag of experiences. Click here to read their feedback.

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Gang, what are your thoughts about H&H? And what is your favorite pizza place Upstate? (BTW, I also love Ferretti’s in Clifton Park…YUM)