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Olympic Dreams – part 2 of 2

18 Jul

Our Olympic adventures continued with a visit to the Whiteface Mountain Gondola.  For $17 each, we got a 15-minute ride up to the base of Little Whiteface Mountain (and down, of course!).

No idea why I look like I’m going to puke here.   I was  really having a good time at this point. The ride up scared me silly, but it was fine once we got to the top.

There are trails where you can hike around on top of the mountain. It’s just gorgeous! Unfortunately, it was pretty hazy that day and the visibility was limited.

The Swedish Hill Winery in the Finger Lakes region has an outpost just outside of Lake Placid. We stopped for a $2 tasting and each chose 8 wines to taste. They were all pretty sweet! We bought several bottles including a bottle of Doobie’s Jackass Red which I’m holding here.

After our little wine adventure, we headed to the Bobsled facility.

And I, of course, pretended that I won a gold medal!

We passed on the $75 bobsled ride, but checked out the ground and watched the bobsledders.

We also took a tour and learned all about luge, bobsled, and skeleton. The tour was a ride to the top of the track and we had the option to walk down the track. This was so darn cool!

While the Olympics were way back in 1980, Lake Placid is still a thriving winter athletic training community and it’s absolutely worth a weekend trip!