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To the East

3 Jul

I love cooking! And, in particular, love cooking Asian (and Mexican) dishes. I was thrilled to find the Asian Supermarket at 1245 Central Avenue, Albany.

Now I must warn you (because it slaps me across the face every time that I visit): IT SMELLS LIKE THE WORST ROTTEN FISHY HELL IN HERE! When I walk through the door, I feel like I’ve just put my face in a raunchy fish’s belly. It’s disgusting.

But once you acclimate, you’ll discover aisles and aisles of Asian goodies!

And some really scary things such as these Long Stick Fish Sausages. Please, please tell me if you buy these and what you think.

A trip by the STINKY fish counter is sort of like going to the zoo. Expect to see live eels, turtles, and these little guys. Truth be told, I’d like to free them all into the Hudson River!

I love browsing the produce section because there’s always something unique in addition to my must-buy bok choy tips (THE best) such as these pomelos (think of them as a mild, huge grapefruit). They are truly the size of my head!

If you go: don’t bring just your American Express…they don’t take it.