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On The Edge List of Goodies

14 Jul

I was recently fortunate enough to write a couple guest posts and be profiled in the Times Union’s groovy On The Edge blog written by Kristi Gustafson.

My profile can be read by clicking here. C’mon, you have to click it to see the corny photo of me blowing a bubble gum bubble!

Here is the content from the post I wrote about Capital Area Gems. Read it directly on Kristi’s blog by clicking here.

Being fairly new to the Capital Region, I have a different perspective than those of you who have lived here for years. My eyes are “new” and I am still in the mode of being an explorer and finding places.

Many times my husband will say to me, “I never even knew this place existed.” He’s lived in the area for most of his years.

Some of my recent favorite little finds are:

– Roosevelt Baths in Saratoga Springs – 40 minute carbonated mineral baths in a luxe spa setting for only $25

– Seasoned olive oil bread dipping sauce at Caffé Italia in Albany – I want to drink this garlicky concoction straight up!

– Aimee’s Dinner and Movie in Glens Falls – Eat a meal and drink some cocktails while watching a movie in comfy booths

– Bethel Woods museum about the 60’s and Woodstock – unleash your inner hippie at this modern, interactive experience

– Cheese pizza from Ferretti’s in Clifton Park – paper-thin crust and a simple sauce is heaven for less than $10

– Workouts at The Pilates Principle in Latham – a peaceful, upscale studio where you lose track of the fact that you’re working on your fitness

– Dosai (huge filled rice and lentil crepe) at Karavelli in Latham – it may be bigger than my upper body, but I can eat the whole delicious thing

– Albany All Stars Roller Derby bouts – you can’t go wrong with tattooed girls in fishnets and on roller skates

I am excited about finding more little nooks and crannies and activities in the area. What are your favorite little pleasures and places in Upstate?


Welcome to Sara’s Upstate!

19 Jun

At one time, I was a single entrepreneurial girl on my merry way moving from Minneapolis, MN to San Diego, CA. I had practiced my surfing, was quite comfortable in a sun dress and flip-flops year round, and was growing obsessed with authentic Mexican food.

Then I got bit by the love bug and ended up here in Upstate NY in 2009. You can thank (or blame) hubs for that.

I have been exploring and discovering things about the area and often times come across things that hubs says, “I never knew that existed.” He’s lived here for much of his life. But you know how it is when you live somewhere for a while, some places become routine and others go unexplored.

So this blog is Upstate New York through a new resident’s eyes, with all my opinions, judgements, and points-of-view. It’s not meant to be a comprehensive collection of all the goodies of the area, but rather my handpicked gems (and maybe some rocks). I hope you enjoy these little discoveries as much as I have.

If you have some places or things that I should check out, please let me know. I love to explore!  Especially if it involves Mexican food…I’m still obsessed.