At one time, I was a single entrepreneurial girl on my merry way moving from Minneapolis, MN to San Diego, CA. I had practiced my surfing, was quite comfortable in a sun dress and flip-flops year round, and was growing obsessed with authentic Mexican food.

Then I got bit by the love bug and ended up here in Upstate NY in 2009. You can thank (or blame) hubs for that.

I have been exploring and discovering things about the area and often times come across things that hubs says, “I never knew that existed.” He’s lived here for much of his life. But you know how it is when you live somewhere for a while, some places become routine and others go unexplored.

So this blog is Upstate New York through a new resident’s eyes, with all my opinions, judgements, and points-of-view. It’s not meant to be a comprehensive collection of all the goodies of the area, but rather my handpicked gems (and maybe some rocks). I hope you enjoy these little discoveries as much as I have.

If you have some places or things that I should check out, please let me know. I love to explore!  Especially if it involves Mexican food…I’m still obsessed.

Contact me at sara@vaccarielli.com or via twitter @SarasUpstate

Oh…I am also the designer behind Twinkle Studio jewelry!


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