Hippies Unite

2 Jul

Did you know that the iconic Woodstock Concert didn’t really happen in Woodstock, NY? I didn’t until I visited both the town and the actual concert location 43 miles away in Bethel, NY.

This was shocking to me because I grew up a little hippie. Check out the flower power patches on my jeans!

So the town of Woodstock is just about an hour away from Albany and entirely worth the drive for a relaxing day of bumming around. While you’re there you could also try to channel the musical creativity of some of it’s former residents including Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, David Bowie and Johnny Cash.

Love, love this sign in the window of a little diner! Where can I get one?

Our favorite place to eat in town is Joshua’s. Yum! The menu is mostly mediterranean and very veggy friendly. Plus they have a full bar and serve breakfast ’til 3pm. At Joshua’s we ate the amazing zucchini cakes and I had a falafel sandwich that was about as big as my head.

There’s a cute little stream that meanders through town.

The shops in town are quite unique and worth a look. Curiosities Maria Antoinette has a very eclectic collection of wearable art. Love this fuschia tutu!

Again, Woodstock, the town, is a great fun day trip, but don’t expect to visit the site of the concert.

For that you need to head about 40 minutes east to the Bethel Woods Center for the Arts. It’s fantastic! I’m not going to post details about it here just yet, but it, too, is an entirely worthy day trip.

If you go: skip the little tented market by the town parking lot. It’s filled with all kinds of mass produced junk in the shape of peace symbols. Instead go into the village and visit all the individual artists’ shops and villas.


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