You Llama Walker

29 Jun

In the Spring I did something that I had never heard of nor could I have dreamed it up. I walked a llama!

The resourceful and kind Naomi Seldin, Simple Living blogger and Features Editor of the Times Union, posted a blog about her experience and I just knew that I had to try it. She graciously invited me to join her to walk a llama.

Teri Conroy (whose blog you can read here) ofWunsupana Farm was a perfectly gracious host! Her daughter, Hannah, was also wonderful. Both are incredibly knowledgeable and really nice people.

Upon entering Teri’s farm, Captain Jack Sparrow (also known as CJ) is ready to greet. He’s the stud llama and will be papa of three babies due in the next couple of months. CJ is separated from the rest of the herd for obvious reasons.

These two were more than happy to receive some special hay which lures them into the barn so that Teri can put on their walking bridals.

And we walk. I wasn’t kidding. Each of us had our own llama and we walked it through trails in the woods.

We had the opportunity to jump the llamas (you can kind of see that in the background) and Ella was quite the jumper. You can see the enthusiasm and pride in both of our faces after a successful jump!

Ella is quite sweet. Sweet? How can a llama be sweet? They can…you’ll just have to find out for yourself!


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