Sexy Librarians

25 Jun

Just trying to catch your attention with that one. I haven’t run into any overtly sexy librarians, but I sure adore the Upper Hudson Library System (AKA the library!).


I think it’s a great library system (and that’s coming from a former book-buying addict) primarily because they have a wide selection and simple, useful on-line tools.

My recent obsession is cookbooks. I check out 10-15 at a time. Pretty much every time I checkout the librarian asks me if I actually cook out of all of them. The answer is: kinda.

I page through them all (much prefer the ones with color photos!) and flag the recipes that seem interesting with post-it notes. Then I make copies of those recipes and put them in my three-ring-binder recipe book. I used to buy cookbooks like a nut, but often times I would find that I didn’t like the recipes. Boo…what a waste. Not anymore!

Travel books are also favorites. Again, I used to buy these with wild abandon even if we weren’t serious about traveling to that place. That book on Hawaii taunts me every time I see it (that little bugger). It’s great to check out travel books from the library so that you don’t have to go broke while dreaming of a luscious far-away place.

Get yourself a library card. All you need is your driver’s license or a utility bill showing your address is in Albany or Rensselaer county. Then you can visit and check out items from any location.

Check out this on-line card catalog. I search for books and DVDs on it all the time. Then, then, then…I can reserve the items that I want and the library will email me when my books are in. How slick is that?

And it’s all free, my friends (well, I mean, we pay for it with our taxes, but you know what I mean)!

What books(s) are you in the market for that might be at the library? Ohhhh…ohhhh…ohhhh…what cookbook recommendations do you have for me?


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